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Garden Rings

An urban revival of the rural

The Garden Ring concept is part of the solution toward mitigating climate change and an answer to the need many city-dwellers have for a more rural and rejuvenating lifestyle connected to nature and her soils.


Explore the links below to learn more about the various aspects of Garden Rings. 

How might our lives be designed so they are full of diversity and rich in varied experiences? 

Image by Stanislav Kondratiev
Image by Tania Malréchauffé

Soil restoration. Humus generation, water retention and useful vegetation. Seed harvesting and plant nutrients. Permaculture, bio-intensive farming, agro-forestry and forest gardens.

Central farm. Cooperative communities. Residents and mini-farmers. Neighborhood size and social structure. Rich living with multiple occupations.

Community Garden
Farmers Warehouse

A garden community must bring its food and other products to market. There are specific strategies that can help you succeed from day one.

Housing with a small (carbon) footprint. Building ecologically. Tiny homes. Modular housing. Other proven concepts.

Image by Marina Khrapova
Additional Resources: an open-access online toolkit for restoring degraded areas and creating new, beyond just "inhabitable", living spaces. Created at the Technical University of Hamburg through the Hamburg Open Online University. This tool palette includes lessons on everything from decentralized wastewater treatment to soil erosion mitigation to biowaste usage techniques to Terra Preta sanitation. a community created to promote, support and recruit young farmers in America. The Greenhorns group not only organizes events, spreads news and useful information, connects people virtually and in person, but they also create and sell books, films, and produce a weekly radio show. written by the Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren, this book is an amazing resource for bringing permaculture to the already-built suburban environment many of us find ourselves in. Available (at least for now) both in print and in a digital version at the website. 
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